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Бороскоп TESLONG NTG100 201909-11

Артикул: 16770

Цена 6000,0 руб.
  • Windows, Mac and Android Compatible
  • 10mm Short Focal Length -  It works effectively from about 1/16 inch to 1 inch away from the subject
  • 0.2inch Slim Camera Diameter - It is ideal for use on .223 barriel  or larger.
  • 36inch semi-rigid cable length - Ensures that even the longest caliber can be visualized without issue.
  • High clarity of the image - Take pictures or HD videos
  • Side-Viewing Miror -  Screw mirror in or out depend on your caliber diameter to get best focal distance and using "lock ring" to hold it in position.  
  • 6 LED lights in Camera Head - Adjust light intensity 
Attention:Please avoid flexible the cable more than necessary.Otherwise it will damage the internal optics. It doesn't support  iPhone & iPad
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